Service of Rent of Dressing rooms

We make assemble and disassemble of dressing rooms (interior and/or exterior). Availability of constructive elements, desing, furniture and additional atmosphere for dressing rooms VIP, protocol rooms, VIP rooms, waiting rooms, rooms of make.up, production offices, press rooms, tables of presidency and report, projections.

Dressing room 3x3
(1 person)
Dressing room 3x4
(2/3 people)
Dressing room 4x4
(4/5 people)
Sala VIP
Dressing room VIP
Make-up room
Material that includes a standard dressing room

Tables of catering 0f 200 x 80 cm with cloths to emmbellish them.
Make-up mirror
Full-length mirror
Padded seats with case
Armchair or sofa
Center table
Clothes Rack of chromed steel
Wooden hangers
Ashtrays, paper-case, tissues.
Decoration material
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